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Basecoat & Topcoat

Before applying a nail polish, remember to first make its application easier with one of these basecoats. Then, once the nail polish has been painted on, use one of the topcoats below to help protect the newly realised beautiful appearance of your nails! Our topcoats can reduce the likelihood of unsightly chipping and peeling.

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  • First And Last Base Coat & Top Coat - 14ml
  • Patent Leather Top Coat - 14ml
  • Strong Adhesion Base Coat - 14ml
  • Fast Forward Top Coat 14ml
  • Nail Treatment - Seche Base 14ml
  • Nail Treatment Seche Clear 14ml (83185)
  • Nail Treatment - Seche Natural 14ml (83184)
  • Nail Treatment - Seche Ultra-V 14ml (83186)
  • Nail Treatment Topcoat - Seche Vite 14ml (83105)
  • Bend Don't Break Basecoat Nail Treatment
  • Critical Care Basecoat And Topcoat For Soft Nails 14.8ml
  • Fusion Basecoat For Peeling Nails 14.8ml
  • Diamonds Dazzle Glistening Topcoat
  • Quick Dry 60 Second Topcoat 14.8ml
  • Recovery Basecoat For Brittle Nails or Breaking Nails 14.8ml
  • Rejuvenation Basecoat For Dry Nails 14.8ml
  • Restoration Basecoat For Damaged Nails 14.8ml
  • Reward - Basecoat For Normal Nails 14.8ml
  • Top Priority Nail Polish Glaze Protection Coat 14.8ml
  • Stamping Nail Art - Special Nail Polish - Topcoat 12ml
  • Drip Dry' Lacquer Drying Drops (27ml)
  • Nail Polish - Matte Top Coat (NT T35) 15ml
  • Nail Envy Nail Treatment - Matte Topcoat (Blue Packaging) 15 ML
  • Nail Polish - Natural Nail Base Coat (NT T10) 15ml
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