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You deserve to be able to express yourself, you deserve to experiment, you deserve…. Ciate London, a recent addition to the nail care industry but one pushing the boundaries with innovative nail colours, formulas and styles Ciate is the one for you if you love being a wild child, pushing your limits and exploring the unknown. Founded in 2009 by celebrity nail guru Charlotte Knight it soon became obvious Ciate would do things their way and in their style “Makeup should be creative and beautiful, we don’t believe in rules…”.

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45 Items - 
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  • Nail Polish - After Dark 13.5ml (PPG314)
  • Nail Polish - Forbidden Fruit 5ml (PPMG313)
  • Nail Polish - Forbidden Fruit 13.5ml (PPG313)
  • Nail Polish - Moondust 5ml (PPMG275)
  • Nail Polish - Gelology Topcoat 13.5ml (NT050)
  • Nail Polish - Palm Springs 13.5ml (PPG301)
  • Nail Polish - Tempest 13.5ml (PPG324)
  • Nail Polish - Cyclone 5ml (PPMG323)
  • Nail Polish - Paradise Lost 5ml (PPMG315)
  • Nail Polish - Antique Broach 5ml (PPMG113)
  • Nail Polish - Jessica Rabbit 13.5ml (PP326-JR)
  • Nail Grow - A Multivitamin Keratin Activator - Status Grow 13.5ml (NT026)
  • Overnight Nail Mask - Brightens & Revitalise Nails - Knight In Shining Armour 13.5ml (NT031)
  • Nail Polish - Moondust 13.5ml (PPG275)
  • Nail Polish - Super Nova 13.5ml (PPG295)
  • Nail Polish - Goal Digger 5ml (PPMG274)
  • Nail Polish - Tempest 5ml (PPMG324)
  • Nail Polish - Amazing Gracie 5ml (PPMG133)
  • Nail Polish - Iced Frappe 5ml (PPMG081)
  • Nail Illuminator - Instantly Illuminates & Brightens Nails - Bloom Boost 13.5ml (NT027)
  • Nail Polish - Paradise Lost 13.5ml (PPG315)
  • Nail Polish - Desert Lights 13.5ml (PPG300)
  • Nail Polish - Kiss Chase 13.5ml (PPG101)
  • Nail Polish - Goal Digger 13.5ml (PPG274)
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