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At Kaeso, each product is expertly designed with the highest quality ingredients to offer you the ultimate experience. Taking into account a range of factors, including aromatherapy, when creating their formulations, Kaeso always strives to provide you with quality, professional products. Their hydrating lotions, scrubs and oils are all purposefully created to offer both intense moisture, as well as a long-lasting fragrance which will keep you waiting to reapply your hand lotion!

Kaeso combines naturally derived ingredients with their knowledge about skincare to deliver you the product you need to give your skin that natural glow. Whether struggling with having dry skin or just looking to give your skin that added moisture it needs, with the Kaeso hand and body lotions and scrubs, you will have a selection to choose from!

Plus, it's Vegan!


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  • Manicure - Juicy Drops Pomegranate Cuticle Oil 50ml (554099)
  • Manicure - Scentsational Cuticle Oils (3 x 14ml)(554109)
  • Manicure - Juicy Drops Pomegranate Cuticle Oil 15ml (554098)
  • Manicure - Bare All Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover 195ml (554102)
  • Manicure - Naked Nails Acetone Nail Polish Remover 195ml (554100)
  • Protect - Refreshing Hygiene Spray 250ml (554244)
  • Pedicure - Peppermint & Blueberry Twist Foot Mask 250ml (554121)
  • Manicure - Wild Berry Butter Hand Mask 250ml (554086)
  • Manicure - Pink Grapefruit Drizzle Hygiene Spray 195ml (554080)
  • Manicure - Naked Nails Acetone Nail Polish Remover 495ml (554101)
  • Manicure - Bare All Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover 495ml (554103)
  • Pedicure - Lime & Ginger Tingle Foot Scrub 250ml (554119)
  • Manicure - Raspberry Ripple Hand Lotion 250ml (554088)
  • Pedicure - Mandarin & Mint Yoghurt Foot & Leg Lotion 250ml (554123)
  • Manicure - Velvet Touch Cuticle Massage Cream 95ml (554092)
  • Manicure - Mirror Shine Nail Buffing Cream 30ml (554096)
  • Pedicure - Peppermint Rain Non-Foaming Foot Soak 495ml (554117)
  • Pedicure - Tea Tree & Ginger Invigorating Foot Spray 195ml (554125)
  • Manicure - Fresh Start Soak Off-Gel Polish Remover 195ml (554263)
  • Pedicure - Citrus Squeeze Foot Soak 195ml (554115)
  • Manicure - Cranberry Sensation Hand Treatment Cream 250ml (554094)
  • Pedicure - Mandarin Spritz Foot Hygiene Spray 195ml (554118)
  • Manicure - Bearberry Smoothie Cuticle Remover 495ml (554091)
  • Manicure - Primed Gel Polish Prep & Finish 195ml (554261)
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What can Kaeso offer you?

Well, from hydrating and beautifully fragranced lotions to professional manicure and pedicure treatments, Kaeso aims to offer you just the best quality. Whether you are looking to stock your salon with Vegan and Hypoallergenic products or you just want a hydrating lotion which will not irritate your skin, With the Kaeso range of products you will have plenty of products to choose from!

Looking for a gel polish remover that will not damage your nails?

Kaeso's got you covered! Their professional gel varnish remover is enriched with Vitamin E and Grapeseed Oil to maintain, if not boost, the hydration of your natural nails while effectively removing your gel manicure or pedicure. With a professional strength formula, Fresh Start removes all types of gels and acrylic manicures in no time!

 In need of more Manicure and Pedicure treatments?

From foot soaks and scrubs to hand treatment creams, Kaeso offers you the best professional manicure and pedicure treatments and lotions to soften and nourish your skin. High-quality, hypoallergenic and Vegan-Friendly, the Kaeso range of products is exactly what you need if you like a little bit of affordable luxury!

Kaeso is offering that and more, so what will you go for?