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For over 60 years, Mavala has been dedicated to offering you high-quality nail care and skin care products designed to offer you the results advertised. Specialists in nail care, the Mavala nail treatments were created to target a wide range of nail concerns. For breaking nails to nail biting and nails that just won't grow, Mavala has a treatment which can help you not only treat the nail issue but remove it completely. With their innovative product design and understanding of all of the nail problems of their customers, Mavala offers nail treatments which can make you forget about all of your nail concerns!

After getting your nails in their best condition, why not explore the range of Mavala nail polishes?


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391 Items - 
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  • Stop Discourages Nail Biting and Thumb Sucking 5ml
  • Stop Discourages Nail Biting and Thumb Sucking 10ml
  • SCIENTIFIQUE K+ Nail Hardener - PRO KERATIN 2ml
  • Mini Emery Board Nail Files (Pack of 6)(90614)
  • Nail White Crayon - Nail Tip Whitener
  • Stop Discourages Nail Biting and Thumb Sucking 10ml
  • Cuticle Oil Daily Cuticle Care 10ml
  • Scientifique K+ - Nail Hardener PRO KERATIN 5ml
  • MavaStrong Base Coat (5ml)
  • Digital Art 2022 Breathable Mini Nail Polish - Tags 5ml (439)
  • Nail Polish Thinner - Nail Varnish Restorer 10ml (91601)
  • Breathable Mini Nail Polish - New-York (217) 5ml
  • Nail Polish Treatment - Minute Quick Finish Topcoat 5ml
  • Digital Art 2022 Breathable Mini Nail Polish - Cookies 5ml (442)
  • Breathable Mini Nail Polish - Cairo (20) 5ml
  • Breathable Mini Nail Polish - Izmir (47) 5ml
  • Breathable Mini Nail Polish - Deep Blue (269) 5ml
  • Strengthening Nail Polish Basecoat - Incolore (43) 5ml
  • Breathable Mini Nail Polish - Geneve (22) 5ml
  • Digital Art 2022 Breathable Mini Nail Polish - Dots 5ml (440)
  • Breathable Mini Nail Polish - Red Diamond (210) 5ml
  • Breathable Mini Nail Polish - Baghdad (16) 5ml
  • Breathable Mini Nail Polish - Night Fever 5ml (216)
  • Cuticle Cream Softens and Beautifies Cuticles 15ml (91401)
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With the Mavala nail polishes, you can have an amazing new manicure while also reducing waste! The mini nail polish bottles offer you a minimum of 10 applications and are just the right size for you to be able to wear your favourite nail polish colour every day before getting a new one! We all know how often it happens that we get bored of a nail colour and get a new one, leaving the old ones half empty. To prevent this and reduce waste, Mavala designed the smaller bottles. Cute and efficient!

Explore the Mavala nail care range at Nail Polish Direct!

Mavala offers a selection of nail treatments designed to target a selection of nail concerns. Nail biting is making your nail brittle? Look no further! The Mavala Stop will discourage nail biting using a slightly bitter taste which is completely harmless to you and even children over 3 years old! And if you want to keep your manicure while also treating the habit of nail-biting, Mavala Stop can also be used over nail polishes. The clear finish of the nail treatment maintains the appearance of your manicure and discourages nail biting!

Are your nails growing very slowly?

Don't worry! With the Scientifique K+ Nail Hardener, you can strengthen your weak nails and prepare them for day-to-day life and follow with the Macaderma hydrating nail and cuticle oil to speed nail growth! Formulated with Keratin, Scientifique K+ not only strengthens your nails, but helps them regenerate from within. This helps to prevent nail breaking and encourages healthier nail growth. The Mavaderma massage oil is enriched with sweet almond oil and olive oil which are rich in Vitamin E. The cuticle and nail oil hydrates the nails and surrounding skin, deeply penetrating the layers of the nail to speed nail growth. With this combination of treatments, you can speed nail growth, promote a healthier growth and hydrate your cuticles all in one go!

Yellow nails?

If your nails have become yellow or stained after an extended wear of nail polishes, Mavala has the right treatments for you! To remove the yellow stains from the nail plate, you can use the Mavala Nail Tip Whitener. It effectively removes any yellowing on the nails' surface without affecting its condition. Then, to prevent any yellowing in the future and protect your nails from breaking, the Mavala Protective Basecoat 002 is what your nails need. The high-quality nail polish basecoat forms a protective layer on the nails and keeps them in a good shape for longer while also protecting them from the damaging effects of outside elements which can make your nails brittle.

Other nail or skin concerns?

Mavala offers one of the widest selections of nail and skin care treatments to help you treat a range of concerns. The high-quality nail care treatments from the Mavala range allow you to treat all of your nail issues and prevent them from occurring again in the future! Explore the range of Mavala treatments at Nail Polish Direct and find the right ones for you!