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Founded on a vision, Zoya first started from a small nail salon and eventually became a revolutionary spa with a focus on natural nails, skincare and European herbal treatments. After gaining a cosmetology license in 1979 and emigrating to the United States with her husband, Zoya Reyzis began to create the products that have since put the brand at the forefront of the Beauty Industry. She and her husband, an advanced chemist, were the first to create a nail polish without the added toxins and chemicals. Their formulation, safe to use and innovative, was also the first to have a long-wearing, fast-drying finish.

Zoya has since maintained its focus on healthy alternatives to the popular products in the Beauty Industry such as nail polishes and skin creams. All of their nail polishes are devoid of any toxic ingredients and offer the longest wearing finish on the market. Zoya offers a wide range of fashionable and trendy shades of nail varnish to choose from and a selection of skincare products formulated with hydrating organic extracts.

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  • Remove Plus 3-In-1 Nail Polish Remover 960ml (ZTRM03)
  • Remove Plus 3-In-1 Nail Polish Remover 237ml (ZTBF02)
  • Armor Top Coat & UV Blocker - Protective Nail Polish Top Coat 15ml (ZTAR01)
  • Anchor Base Coat - Maximum Wear Nail Polish Base Coat 15ml (ZTAN01)
  • Easy Neon 2021 Summer Nail Polish - Zelda (ZP1087) 15ml
  • Easy Neon 2021 Summer Nail Polish - Janie (ZP1088) 15ml
  • Easy Neon 2021 Summer Nail Polish - Oakley (ZP1086) 15ml
  • Nail Polish - Monet 15ml (ZP726)
  • Nail Polish - Corinna (ZP1042) 15ml
  • Vegan-Friendly Breathable Nail Polish - Matilda 15ml (ZP1154)
  • Remove Plus 3-In-1 Nail Polish Remover 60ml (ZTRMAF)
  • Nail Polish - Raven 14ml (ZP387)
  • Nail Polish Chit Chat Collection - Erika 15ml (ZP445)
  • Nail Polish - Patrice (ZP1047) 15ml
  • Party Girls 2017 Nail Polish Collection - Sheri (ZP922) 15ml
  • Ultra Glossy Seal Topcoat - Naked Manicure Vegan Nail Polish 15ml (ZTNMUGS01)
  • Easy Neon 2021 Summer Nail Polish - Banks (ZP1085) 15ml
  • Vegan-Friendly Breathable Nail Polish - Clarice 15ml (ZP1165)
  • Renew Nail Polish Rejuvenator & Thinner 15ml (ZTRN02)
  • Nail Polish Collection - Abby (ZP887) 15ml
  • Nail Polish - Purity (ZP388) 15ml
  • Nail Polish Collection - Zara 15ml (ZP463)
  • Nail Polish - Karen (ZP945) 15ml
  • Intriguing 2020 Holiday Nail Polish Collection - Regina (ZP1060) 15ml
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Why Choose Zoya?

Zoya simply offers the best nail polishes on the market. Their formulation offers the longest wearing nail polishes in an array of shades ranging from beautiful pinky nudes to bright and dazzling glitter shades designed to hypnotize.

Their skin and hand care cream and lotions have highly hydrating and moisturising formulations that ensure your skin will feel soft and rejuvenated from the first application.

Find your favourite Zoya shade, whether it is a neutral or a bright glitter, at Nail Polish Direct!